About Us

We are currently serving on Sundays in the Capitol basement. We are providing pre-made meals and do not require volunteers. We hope to welcome volunteers back very soon! We will update the website as we progress.

Savory Sunday is a non-profit organization based out of Madison, WI that strives to prepare and serve freshly cooked meals to the hungry community every Sunday in the year (with the exception of Easter Sunday). Each Sunday, captains from our core team cook and serve a fresh hot meal with the help of volunteers with the intent of providing the most satisfying free feast in town. We’ve been operating since 2005 as an independent group with grass root beginnings; we began as members simply making and distributing sandwiches to those in need along State street. Now over 10 years later, as ‘Savory’ and its meals have grown, so has our connection with the community. In addition to addressing the pervasive issue of hunger and homelessness, Savory Sunday continues to build friendships with those we serve as we commit to regularly serve throughout the year.

Each Savory Sunday begins with cooking at the Madison Senior Center (330 W Mifflin St.). Volunteers help prepare a meal based on the fresh produce and food donations received that week. Creativity and collaboration take over as each Sunday brings together a new collection of food and faces. Every meal is unique as individuals are free to add their own creative flair, allowing us to provide a home-cooked meal experience.

At 2 pm, Savory Sunday serves a meal at the state Capitol building – outside in the summer, inside in the winter. Volunteers serve up the prepared dishes to the hungry. Since the ultimate intent of Savory Sunday is to build relationships amongst all those involved, a community atmosphere is facilitated by volunteers and food recipients alike.

We are currently not able to welcome volunteers to Savory Sunday, but hope to in 2024. We always welcome those looking to volunteer regularly to consider joining our team of captains!