Serving good food to good people in
the city of Madison, WI. Look at the Volunteer tab to sign up for a Sunday.
All are welcome to transport, cook, & serve!

Savory Sunday is a non-profit organization based out of Madison WI.
Reoccurs weekly on Sundays at Lutheran Campus Center.

Operating since 2005, Savory Sunday has been serving up fresh hot meals with the intent of providing the most satisfying free feast in town. As ‘Savory’ has grown, so has our connection with the community. In addition to addressing the pervasive issue of homelessness, Savory Sunday continues to build friendships with those we serve.

Each Savory Sunday begins with cooking at the Lutheran Campus Center 325 N. MILLS STREET at 11 AM. Creativity and collaboration take over with each Sunday bringing together a new collection of food and faces. Every meal is unique as individuals are free to add their own creative flair.

Savory Sunday continues at 2 PM in the Capitol basement. There, volunteers serve up the prepared dishes to the hungry. A community atmosphere is facilitated by volunteers and food recipients alike. The ultimate intent of Savory Sunday is to build relationships amongst all those involved.

Volunteers are free to come to any part of Savory Sunday; and stay as long as they are willing or able. Come join us this weekend and become part of our ever-evolving and expanding organization.